Electric Rescue
of our Territory

Tempête Eunice le 18/02/2022


Closer, quicker and more responsible !

Available 24h

All the time !

All terrain !


QPA is like the UBER of the electric backup which associates and works with the closest Territory to the place of the incident, so that you can be quickly supplied with electric power again. This concept is based on the functional economy.

This device was originally thought out and designed basically for local authorities and the public electricity grid managers, distributors and local companies.


It is above all an innovative, quick, always connected and respectful of the environment power supply solution of the Public Distribution Networks due to scheduled maintenance works, climate issues (storms and snow, for example),  pandemics or direct clients.


With QPA, it will always be the Territory closest to you which will supply the electric power!

Simple and smart!

This is a great alternative to High Power Generators which are heavy and difficult to transport without special logistic resources (such as heavy trucks equipped with lifting arms), and which are also expensive to buying and to use, often underused and which are still nowadays very polluting in terms of NOx and CO2 emissions.


QPA is capable of using 24h/24 all kind of motor forces available in the territory (agricultural tractors, cars, construction and public works machines, snow groomers, etc.) and to couple them to its generators in case of energy supply needed. Then, they are connected to the low-voltage networks or any other direct client (industrials, retirement homes, schools and colleges, retailing and wholesaling and any other infrastructure network managers (water and telecommunications supply, rails, etc.).

Thanks to QPA and to your Territory, you will never be deprived of electricity again! It is a win-win relation!

**GRD : Gestionnaires Réseau Distribution Electricité (Electricity Distribution Network Managers)

** ELD : Entreprises locales de Distribution Electricité (Local Electricity Distribution Companies)


You can also watch our video by clicking on the image below,

showing QPA in action to re-supply a village !

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